Property Claims Management

A Comprehensive Claims Management Solution For Field Agents And Claims Managers

Mobile conditions report

Improved Field Inspections

Enjoy portable, high-resolution documentation to remove all doubt over the state of investigated assets.

  • Photo and video documentation capture clear-cut asset condition
  • Tap-and-type feature lets you add detailed notes about on-site premises
  • Portable devices make it simple to collect claims information at any location
Claims managment

Standardized Claims Information

Incorporate digital condition reviews across properties for streamlined, consistent documentation.

  • Digital workflows ensure all workers are using the same information capture process
  • Mobile records allows for easier record collection in one central digital repository
  • Geo-tagging gives clarity over where a claims review took place

Claims Record Management

  • Asset management portal keeps relevant documentation in one place
  • Condition annotations allow for comment trail to be followed by all relevant parties
  • Historically-saved records at the asset level make it easy to access asset information

Claims Oversight

Leverage high-resolution documentation throughout the auditing process to ensure that personnel are collecting reliable records at remote locations.

  • Custom workflows by asset type ensure complete information collectd, no matter what asset is being reviewed
  • Time-stamped, geo-tagged records enforces claims collection accountability
  • Reviewing claims collection information by employee allows for coaching opportunities
Warranty claims

Warranty Claims

Streamline your warranty claim process in one, easy to use system.

  • Photo and video documentation required for claims
  • All required documentation and paperwork in one system to submit claims
  • Automatically tracks claim submittals and provides a notes diary to record follow-ups and status of claims
Environment protection

Environmental Protection & Paper Reduction

Swap out paper for digital condition reviews for a greener company and cleaner on-site operations.

  • 100% mobile records remove unnecessary paper usage
  • Scrapping paper means no need for on-site file storage
  • Historically-saved digital records remove the need for long-term records depot

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