Field Service & Compliance

Mobile Documentation Keeps Your Inspections Efficient & Compliant

Mobile conditions report

Mobile Condition Reports

Enjoy high-resolution documentation when checking customers in and out of the service drive, and checking in and out loaner cars, to remove all doubt over who caused damage.

  • Photo and video documentation for clear-cut vehicle condition reviews
  • Digital files so you never miss a nick, scrape or scratch again
  • Manager sign-offs ensure agreement over digitally-captured records
Cross site

Cross-Site Documentation

Incorporate digital condition reviews across warehouses, manufacturing locations, or job sites for streamlined, consistent documentation.

  • Digital workflows ensure all workers are following the same review process
  • Geo-tagging and time-stamping proves when and where reviews were collected
  • Mobile records allow for easier record collection in one central digital repository
Customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Our driver’s license verification solution provides an easy way to scan and collect customer information while moving customers quickly through the loaner process or service center.

  • Mobile license scanning for quick customer verification
  • Digital records so you never have to scan or copy sensitive renter information
  • Truste Certified database lets you securely save private customer data

Audits & Regulations

Ensure compliance with internal standards and industry regulations by maintaining thorough records and easy-to-follow audit trails.

  • Asset management dashboard allows for easy record access from any place
  • Condition annotations allow for comment trail to be followed by service personnel or auditors
  • Historically-saved reviews at the asset or location-level demonstrate timely compliance with condition review protocols
  • Portable devices make it simple for any trained personnel to collect records throughout a job site

Account Bidding

Show your commitment to high quality control standards during any account sales process by showcasing an ability to document asset condition at any job site or work location.

  • Digital photos and videos prove your commitment to collecting high-quality records
  • Location-based records showcase your ability to easily compile and store client-specific documentation
  • Email distribution enables timely updates to client management or maintenance personnel of non-compliance issues
Environment protection

Environmental Protection & Paper Reduction

Swap out paper for digital condition reviews for a greener company and cleaner on-site operations.

  • 100% mobile records remove unnecessary paper usage
  • Scrapping paper means no need for on-site file storage
  • Historically-saved digital records remove the need for long-term records depot

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