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Mobile conditions report

Mobile Condition Reports

Enjoy high-resolution documentation at check-in and check-out that removes all doubt over who caused damage, and who has to pay for repairs.

  • Photo and video documentation for clear-cut vehicle condition reviews
  • Digital files so you never miss a nick, scrape, or scratch again
  • Customer sign-offs ensure agreement of vehicle condition
  • See how an independent van rental company enjoys 50% fewer damage disputes (Read the case study)
Claims managment

Claims Management

Improved documentation means less time spent with insurance claims adjusters while recouping more damage expenses.

  • Detailed photos and videos remove doubt about vehicle condition
  • Geo-tagging and time-stamping proves when and where reviews were collected
  • Asset management portal keeps relevant documentation in one place


Our driver’s license verification solution provides an easy way to scan and collect license information.

  • Mobile license scanning for quick customer verification
  • Digital records so you never have to scan or copy sensitive renter information
  • Truste Certified database lets you securely save private customer data

Vehicle Sales

Create a more efficient, effective process for preparing your rental vehicles for the secondary market.

  • Digital records allow for easier condition compilation across rental locations
  • Online checklists ensure consistent reviews no matter who is taking the record
  • Back-end portal centralizes your vehicle records in one place
  • See how Avis is using Record360 to get their vehicles ready for sale 2.5X faster (Read the case study)

Recall Alerts

With our supplemental recall alerts feature, you can rest assured your team only sends out safe, reliable vehicles.

  • Automatic alert ensures compliance with federal regulation so you’re never penalized for renting recalled vehicles
  • Recall records give your team a needed heads up to repair potential issues
Warranty claims

Warranty Claims

Streamline your warranty claim process in one, easy to use system.

  • Photo and video documentation required for claims
  • All required documentation and paperwork in one system to submit claims
  • Automatically tracks claim submittals and provides a notes diary to record follow-ups and status of claims
Environment protection

Environmental Protection & Paper Reduction

Swap out paper for digital condition reviews for a greener company and cleaner on-site operations.

  • 100% mobile records remove unnecessary paper usage
  • Scrapping paper means no need for on-site file storage
  • Historically-saved digital records remove the need for long-term records depot

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