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As an unbiased, independent third party, Record360 provides an indisputable time-stamped verification of asset condition at time of exchange, visible from any device, anytime.
Record360 supports iOS 8+ and most Android devices running 4.4+. We recommend iPhone 6, iPad mini 2, Galaxy S and Tab A, and Nexus 9 devices.
We recommend that you install the Chrome or Firefox web browsers. If you use the Internet Explorer or Edge web browsers on Windows 7, and you're unable to install an alternate browser, try going to to download and install the codec pack. After installing, videos should play in your media player. If you continue to have problems, please contact us at
You may have declined the access to the microphone when you first used Record360. This permission is requested in order to record video with sound. You can grant the permission by opening the iOS Settings app and navigating to Privacy→Microphone, and then enabling Record360 there.

To upload videos, you must be connected to the internet. You can test your connectivity by opening a web browser and going to any web page.

If it loads, you have internet access, but may be limited by upload speeds. To test your upload speed, use the Ookla Speed Tester app. An acceptable upload speed for uploading video and image content is no less than 4 Mbps. If you continue to have connectivity problems, please consult with your IT Administrator or Apple customer support.

Ensure that Record360 is open for at least 15 minutes to allow the upload time to complete. If an upload is cancelled by pressing your iPhone home button, or if the screen locks, the upload will need to start again the next time Record360 opens. If the pending transaction count has not gone down after 15 minutes, contact us at
Send your desired touch notations in an email to

If you are still under your contractual limit, you can advise new users to install the Record360 App from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and then use "Sign Up" action when opening the app. Enter the email address, password, first name, last name and then the PIN Code associated with the user's company location. Your manager will have the list of PINs by location.

Also, any user with "Manager" access can login to the web portal, select "Users", then select the "Add Users" tab. They can then enter a list of new user email address(es), select the applicable location and Add Users. All specified users will receive an activation link, where they will provide their First and Last name and Password to complete user activation.

If there are any questions, please contact us at

A user with "Manager" access can reset any password and view/update location PIN codes. Managers can also view transactions for all locations/users. If you need to update a user to a Manager role, email and identify the Company and User to be updated.
In the Record360 Settings view (gear icon in upper left corner), simply enable the option to "Apply notations to images".
In the Record360 Settings view (gear icon in upper left corner), simply enable the option for “Offline Mode”. When returning to internet access, disable Offline Mode and your transactions will begin uploading. You cannot perform Return or Add Media actions while in Offline Mode.
In the Record360 Settings view (gear icon in upper left corner), enable "High Resolution". Note that High Resolution images and video take longer to upload.
The Record360 App captures Reference Numbers by scanning a Barcode, Data Matrix Code or QR Code, as long as there is sufficient lighting and focus. To scan VIN barcodes, in the Record360 Settings, enable the “VIN Scanning Mode” option. To scan QR Code, EAN and UPC barcodes, disable this option. If you are having difficulty scanning a code, enable the flashlight feature or find a way to illuminate the code you need to scan.
To modify the default workflow, simply contact us at to discuss your custom workflow requirements! We have numerous ready-to-use workflows for many specific industries, such as Construction, Car or Equipment Rental, Property Management and Freight Receiving/Inspection.
Yes, simply reverse-pinch to zoom, similar to many smartphones.
Yes, the full-resolution images are available in the web portal following your upload and can be downloaded. The transaction summary email also contains the images with download links. Once downloaded locally on your computer there are native image viewing applications that allow you to zoom, edit/crop, etc.
You can download the video and use any of the freely available video tools to extract frame shots. This resource will point you in the right direction:
Yes, in the Record360 App Settings (gear icon in the header), simply enable "Offline Mode", and capture any number of new transactions while offline. When you return to an internet connected environment, disable offline mode to upload all pending transactions.
Standard Resolution: 200KB to 300KB per image
High Resolution: 1MB to 2.5MB per image
Standard Resolution: 100KB to 200KB per second
High Resolution: 500KB to 1MB per second

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