Case Study: State Van Rental

State Van rents passenger vans and minivans from their two-unit business in Southern California.

Industry: Van Rental

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Resolving 50% More Damage Disputes

“Record360 is the smoking gun you need to tackle disputes.”

-George Fstkchyan, Fleet Manager

The Background

State Van oversees a 100-vehicle fleet across their two rental locations, serving a diverse set of customers ranging from families to sports teams.

We have about 100 units in our fleet, consisting of passenger vans and minivans, with customers ranging from sports groups to large families coming on vacation. We know our vans are being used for family trips and other really important, memorable times in our customers’ lives. We love being a part of that which is why at both of our locations we’re committed to regular vehicle maintenance to make sure our customers have a great experience once they drive our vans off our lots.

The Problem

The State Van team was frustrated by their prior paper-based damage recording process. While it helped them capture if new damage occurred, it missed capturing if existing damage got worse.

Our previous process for recording our vans’ condition was really set back in the stone age. It was the standard process of walking around our vans with a paper diagram. We’d bring our best artistic skills to the table to try and capture the full condition of the van, but we knew that wasn’t really cutting it. The forms were accurate in that we could pick out major blemishes. However, the paper never captured the type or extent of damage.

When it came time to check a van back in, we didn’t have the evidence we needed to prove if damage had gotten worse. It was one thing if it was completely new damage. However, if new damage was added to old damage, the paper forms would never be able to show us that. How could we tell a customer the damaged worsened without real evidence?

The Results

Transitioning from paper documentation to Record360 has helped the State Van team resolve 50% more disputes while also helping them recoup fuel and mileage expenses.

In the past, we had an issue every other week of new damage added to old damage, and having disagreements with customers about who caused what. With Record360, we’re resolving about 50% more disputes than we did before. What the paper forms couldn’t capture, we can record in high-resolution with photos and videos.

We now have a total of ten users with Record360 across our two locations. After a few 4-5 minute tutorials, everyone was really able to pick it up. We use Record360 with every transaction in and out of the lot. The photo-video combination makes sure we never miss a van’s condition and get every possible angle that the paper used to miss. We can even capture the mileage and fuel counts before and after the rental so we can recoup additional fees.

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