Case Study: Premier Leasing

Premier Leasing is a commercial truck rental and leasing business based in Wisconsin.

Industry: Commercial Truck Rental

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-Kevin Etlicher, Rental Manager

The Background

Premier Leasing features a wide variety of commercial trucks to a loyal customer base.

At Premier Leasing, we have about 50 commercial trucks available for rent and lease, from straight trucks and reefers to daycabs and sleepers. We’re fortunate to have really loyal customers who have been with us for a long time. We aim to offer great customer service to keep our customers satisfied and coming back time and time again.

The Problem

The team was frustrated with the standard paper forms for both ineffectively capturing vehicle condition and taking away from interacting with customers.

In the rental industry, we’re so used to using paper forms with the vehicle outlines. We would draw X’s where there was damage, but the reality is vehicles come with plenty of dings and scratches. The X’s couldn’t even begin to capture what was really happening with the vehicles.

On top of that, it really takes away from your time with a customer. I’d spend so much time trying to diligently record a vehicle’s condition that I couldn’t interact well with our customers. It really took away from creating a positive service experience which is something we want to create.

The Results

By bringing their standard workflow into Record360, the team has streamlined the vehicle condition review process and made it far more effective, all while improving on their customer service process.

We have a standard workflow that we follow with the app, which includes recording the fuel level, diesel exhaust amount and mileage count, and then doing a walkaround where we take photos and videos. Having a standardized process means we can get our trucks ready hours before a customer comes in to take the truck off the lot. We receive notice that a rental is going to happen and we can do the documentation well in advance. That way, when the customer comes in, we can hand over the keys and have them sign the check out form. They’re on their way in no time.  

Our entire team has Record360 on our work phones so we can really make thorough vehicle reviews a process anyone can do. It was really easy to learn, and is a huge improvement over the typical paper forms. We’re able to make the review process faster and more effective, all while keeping our customers happy.

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