Case Study: Newman Tractor

Newman Tractor is a 2-location construction equipment rental company.

Industry: Equipment Rental

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Saving $7,500 A Month While Cutting Documentation Time in Half

“Not a single machine leaves the yard without going on Record360.”

-Xavier Vela, Rental Coordinator

The Background

Newman Tractor rents heavy equipment to a variety of customers, ensuring that each unit is in top condition before leaving the rental lot.

We rent heavy equipment to everyone from mining companies to land clearing and maintenance companies. The original price of our equipment can run from $100,000 - $350,000. With such valuable assets, we’re always focused on keeping our equipment in its best shape.

We make a point of renting out equipment that’s in great condition. Whether it’s the exterior of the machine or how it’s operating on the inside, we make sure that every rental is exactly what the customer expects they’ll get.

The Problem

Damages can cost the company an average of $2,500 to fix. While they had a photo documentation process to record equipment condition, it was cumbersome and failed to record enough details to prevent damage disputes.

Between the heavy work our equipment does for our customers plus the time it spends out on their job sites, it’s common to see front end damage, cracked windows, tire cuts and even graffiti. On average, it costs us about $2,500 to fix damage, though some issues can be as much as $5,000 to repair.

We’ve always known visual records are vital for documenting equipment condition. It’s why we used to take photos of every machine before it was rented out. But it was a really cumbersome process. We’d use a traditional camera, take our standard pictures, download the pictures to a computer, and then make sure to store those photos with the rental record. It was a 15-minute process, really inefficient, and didn’t always catch every part of the machine. It took a bunch of time and didn’t completely protect us from disputes.

The Results

Using Record 360's streamlined documentation process has halved the amount of time spent on equipment reviews while protecting the company from $7,500 in damage expenses a month.

With Record360, we’ve cut the amount of time we take on documenting our machines in half. On top of that, we’ve been able to cleanly resolve about 2-3 damage issues per month that previously we would have had to pay for ourselves. That’s about $7,500 we’re saving a month in damage repairs.

A lot of this has to do with how simple Record360 is. We put our documentation workflow into the app, and walk around the equipment capturing photos and videos before and after rentals. All of this gets emailed to our customers via Record360 before the equipment leaves, and once it gets returned. Everyone has a complete record making it easy to show that equipment left the lot in perfect condition, and that any damage was caused while out on the job.

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