Case Study: Midway Chevrolet

Midway Chevrolet is a full-service dealership located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Industry: Car Dealership

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“With Record360, no insurance company says “no” to my claims.”

-Nina Cosiano, Dealer Rent A Car Manager

The Background

Midway Chevrolet features a Dealer Rent A Car (DRAC) program, giving service drive customers the ability to rent new vehicles while their vehicle is being serviced.

We have a Dealer Rent A Car (DRAC) program that allows our customers to rent new vehicles while their vehicles are being serviced. It’s a really convenient service for busy customers that can’t be without a car for a few days. It’s also a valuable program for our dealership since it serves as an advertisement for our newest models. Once vehicles hit 3,000 miles, they get sent to the sales department. Customers who tried them out get really great incentives to buy.

The Problem

The DRAC team would deal with an average of eight damage issues per week. However, the low quality of paper documentation forms limited their ability to dispute damages and recoup expenses.

In any given week, we would deal with an average of five cracked windshields and two-to-three body damage disputes. So many of our rental units were extremely large trucks and customers just weren’t used to operating and parking such large vehicles. But, our way of recording vehicle condition didn’t give us the ability to hold them accountable for this damage.

We had paper forms with the outline of a vehicle, and then we’d put little marks where we saw damage. It didn’t offer good visibility into what the vehicles looked like when they left the lot. As a result, we weren’t in a position to argue about who caused damage.

The Results

With the robust vehicle documentation offered by Record360, Midway Chevrolet has had every single insurance claim for customer-created damage approved and paid.

We have not had a single damage claim denied by insurance companies since using Record360. It used to take months just to recoup costs from a single claim. It was also really common for insurance companies to turn me down entirely saying I didn’t have the necessary evidence to prove the customer caused damage.

With Record360, the tables have turned. I’m armed with photos, videos, time-stamping, and geo-tagging. I have so much proof that insurance adjusters don’t even bother coming to the floor. They know they can’t get better documentation than what we’ve already offered.

On top of the financial savings, it’s been a huge time-saver too. All the time I was spending negotiating with insurance companies is gone. I can now spend it on ways to offer better service and delight our customers.

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