Case Study: Bobcat of St. Louis

Bobcat of St. Louis is a nine-location heavy construction equipment rental company spread across five states.

Industry: Construction Equipment Rental

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Streamlining Condition Reviews & Customer Service Across Locations

“Record360 Is Helping Us Be a Customer Service Differentiator.”

-Mike Rust, Corporate Rental Manager

The Background

Spread across five states, Bobcat of St. Louis manages nine construction equipment rental shops that pride themselves on strong customer service.

Across our nine locations, we have around 2,000 units that we rent and lease out. We’re in a space where there are competitors renting comparable equipment so we use customer service as one way to differentiate ourselves. That’s why 90% of our customers are repeat customers. We know we have to make that effort to keep our business going strong.

The Problem

We were taking pictures of our equipment before and after rentals. But taking the photos, downloading them, and keeping them synced to a particular rental was messy, especially because our customers can rent equipment in one location and then return it in another. There was no easy way for that second location to see the pre-rental condition.

Additionally, we do sell equipment. If a customer came in looking for a certain machine with a set number of hours on it and it wasn’t in that store, our rental managers would have to call up another location and hope there was someone available to take and email pictures of the unit. It was asking a lot of a customer to sit around while we did all this.

The Results

Record360 has been a go-to solution for streamlining condition reviews across the businesses’ nine locations. Additionally, it’s allowed the Bobcat team to more easily sell units to interested customers on the spot, even if a unit is in a different location.

With Record360, it’s much easier to do equipment reviews across locations. If a customer rents a unit in Missouri and then returns it in Tennessee, we can check it back in no problem. All the rental manager needs to do is call up the original rental record, take a new batch of photos, and see if there’s any new damage. He no longer has to wait for a batch of photos to be found and then emailed to him. It’s a much faster turnaround process for both our team and the customer.

The same is true for units we’re selling. A manager in any location can look up what options we have for a particular type of equipment, and can show it to the customer right on the spot, even if the unit is based in another location. We can take care of the customer much faster this way.

In our business, if you don’t make the customer happy, they’ll go down the road and get their machines somewhere else. Record360 is one tool we have to make customers happy.

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