Case Study: Barbush Rentals

Barbush Rentals manages nine rental locations for their car rental and car buy–back businesses under several brands including Avis and Budget.

Industry: Car Rental

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The Background

With a business that focuses both on renting cars and selling cars at auction, Barbush Rentals had over 900 cars they had to manage regularly. It was paramount to keep their cars in great shape both to preserve high levels of customer satisfaction and retain the value of their vehicles.

We have nine different locations that are under different rental car brands. Some locations are dual–branded, and some are even tri–branded. In all, we have about 900 cars that we manage and have to keep in good shape.

We have two sides to our business. The classic rental side of things, and then also the buy back business where we sell cars at auction. As you can imagine, that means we have to keep our cars in great shape. We have to make sure our customer service is better than anyone else's, which includes giving customers cars that are clean and damage free, and keeping them in great shape so we can get a good price at auction.

The Problem

With so many cars spread across so many locations, it took a lot of time to get cars ready for auction. Between needing to physically transport vehicles to be reviewed for damage and using paper forms to document damage, the team wanted a more efficient process to speed things up.

Because our locations are spread throughout Central Pennsylvania, we have some locations that are three hours away from our main headquarters. That means when it comes to getting cars ready for auction, we have to spend time transporting the cars to us to check them over, and then again transporting them back out. Of course, we also have to spend time actually documenting the car's condition.

We used to use the classic paper form approach. We'd do a walk through, marking down any damage we saw. Each form then had to be scanned, uploaded into our system, stored somewhere digitally and sent to the right people. Depending on when a car arrived at headquarters and who was available to review it, it could take 4 days to get a car ready for auction.

The Results

Through all of their streamlining efforts, the Barbush Rentals team was able to reduce the time it took to review cars from four days down to just over one day. With over 200 cars that need reviewing, Record360 serves as a major time saver.

We've been making a lot of improvements to our internal processes, and Record360 has been one tool we've used to drive efficiency. As a result of all the changes we've made, we've taken the buyback review process down to 1.5 days, a big improvement from 4 days.

A lot of this has been because we no longer have to spend time transporting cars to headquarters. Each car can be reviewed at its existing location with Record360 which we use to digitally record and upload each car's condition. We can also use Record360 to train more employees on how to do this, so we'll be able to assess a car's condition exactly when we need to, not when one person is available to take a look.

Right now we're in the process of getting 200 cars ready for auction so working with Record360 instead of using paper is going to save us a ton of time.

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