Case Studies

American Dream Vacations

Increasing Thoroughness While Cutting Documentation Time In Half

Learn how the largest RV rental fleet in Texas slashed documentation time while vastly improving condition reviews.

Industry: RV Sales & Rental
Bay Area Auto Rental

Collecting 65% More Damage Claims

See how Bay Area Auto Rental improved damage claim recovery by 65% in just 6 months.

Industry: Commercial Vehicle Rental

Decreasing Damage Disputes By 80%

Learn how a car dealership's service center is drastically reducing disputes while preserving high customer satisfaction levels.

Industry: Car Dealership

Enforcing Consistent Asset Condition Reviews

Discover how smaller rental agencies are getting their employees committed to thorough vehicle condition reviews with Record360.

Industry: Car Rental

Increasing Damage Expense Recovery by 60%

Explore how Landmark Trucks decreased damage expenses by 60% in just two months, while retaining strong customer service.

Industry: Truck Rental & Leasing

Bringing Efficiency & Clarity To The Claims Experience

Learn how Turo manages to keep claims moving smoothly in spite of double the customer load and asset transactions as the typical car rental business.

Industry: Car Sharing

Cut Your Damage Disputes Down To Zero

With a rent and rent-to-buy business, OCT Equipment uses Record360 to keep equipment in next–to–new condition while removing any need for damage disputes.

Industry: Construction Equipment Rentals & Sales

Winning Customer Confidence & Meeting Quality Standards

Learn how SignResource uses Record360 to win competitive client bids and continuously meet exacting quality control standards.

Industry: Manufacturing
Bobcat St. Louis

Streamlining Condition Reviews & Customer Service Across Locations

Find out how Bobcat of St. Louis improves customer service and asset documentation in a multi-unit setting.

Industry: Construction Equipment Rental
TCI Leasing

Scrapping Paper And Saying Goodbye To Damage Disputes

Learn how TCI Leasing has brought documentation efficiency and improved expense recovery across its ten locations.

Industry: Commercial Truck Rental & Leasing
Midway Chevrolet

Enjoying 100% Damage Expense Recovery

Find out how this car dealership’s rental program is recouping expenses from every single damage claim.

Industry: Car Dealership
Premier Leasing

Getting Assets Ready for Rental Faster

Find out how a rental company that prides itself of quick service uses Record360 to meet customer expectations.

Industry: Commercial Truck Rental
Newman Tractor

Saving $7,500 A Month While Cutting Documentation Time in Half

Read how a two-location equipment rental company came to save $7,500 per month in damage expenses.

Industry: Commercial Truck Rental & Leasing
Cummings Leasing

Cutting Disputes In Half

Discover how this independent commercial truck rental and leasing company reduces disputes while offering exceptional service with Record360.

Industry: Commercial Truck Rental
Cloverdale Equipment

Working Around Absent Condition Sign Offs With Geo-Tagging & Time-Stamping

Learn how equipment rental companies are working around absent customer sign offs to recoup damage expenses.

Industry: Construction Equipment Rental
State Van Rental

Resolving 50% More Damage Disputes

See how an independent van rental company drastically improved dispute resolution while recouping fuel and mileage fees.

Industry: Van Rental

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