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  • Say Goodbye to Damage Disputes
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Enterprise ready.

Record360 is enterprise-ready, already used by leading rental and asset management businesses. Learn more →

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You have instantaneous, indisputable evidence.

Record360 is a high-quality property condition reporting tool.

Record360 is an easy-to-use smartphone and tablet app that protects renters and travelers from damage disputes. Learn how.

Record, tap, note.
And you’re done.

Using Record360 is as easy as shooting a video walkaround, and tapping to capture condition details.

Unlike a simple video, Record360’s servers verify and lock in definitive time-and-place information for an indisputable record of condition.

Inspecting Property Condition – How It Works

  1. Scan a UPC code or VIN, or enter your own reference number or description

  2. Capture video + photos + highlights of property condition

  3. Use unique touch notations to document existing damage or problems

  4. Record360 uploads your video and annotations to our independent and secure repository

Record360 for Business

The Property Documentation Solution for equipment & asset rentals, property management companies, dealerships, body shops, transportation companies, importers, and anyone that transfers property or goods.

Record360’s Asset Protection Platform significantly enhances the property exchange process by providing managers and staff with real-time, actionable asset condition reporting, process adherence, and dispute resolution documentation.

Adding Record360 to your existing business process will:

  • Eliminate disputes and reduce losses
  • Improve customer service and customer relationships
  • Achieve real-time visibility into the asset condition reporting processes
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Winner, Best Mobile App, Elliott Awards 2015

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Record360 supports iOS 8+ and most Android devices running 4.0.4+. We recommend iPhone 6+, iPad mini 2+, Galaxy S and Tab A, and Nexus 9 devices.