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Customizable Checklists

Bring your paper checklists online with our customizable inspections forms to capture equipment condition, fuel and mileage levels, or anything else you want.

FP Mobile & Video Capture

Mobile Video & Photo Capture

Simultaneously take hi-res photos and videos, highlighting damage as you go to accurately record the true condition of your vehicle, equipment, or property.

FP Id Verify

Customer ID Verification

With our integrated verification process, you can ensure that your customers are who their ID says they are.

FP Claims Management

Claims Management

Enjoy our condition reporting and file repository tool to streamline your claims management process and increase damage recovery.

FP Transaction Dash

Transaction Dashboard

Fleet management software made simple: manage property, keep tabs on your inventory condition, and see how well your employees are documenting asset damage with our real-time transaction dashboard.

FP Secure Cloud

Secure Cloud Storage

Store unlimited transactions, condition reports, pictures, and videos in our secure, TRUSTe-certified system so you can preserve your device's storage.

How it works

The Record360 Guarantee

FP Decrease Damage

Decrease Damage Expenses

Real-time asset documentation with pictures and videos allows you to create objective asset condition reports. No more paying for damage you didn't cause.

FP Preserve Quality

Preserve Quality Standards

Asset documentation through manufacturing and transportation processes ensures strong quality control at every step in your business.

FP Boost

Boost Customer Service

Create a positive customer experience by eliminating damage disputes from the rental process.

FP Streamline

Streamline Operations

Real-time visibility into your inspections process gives your employees the tools they need to maximize their productivity.

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